Tips to choose the right digital marketing agency for your business

Digital marketing is a process to spread any business with the help of the internet by using mobile devices, various social media, plenty of search engines and other channels which is a perfect way to reach customers. There is a vast knowledge needed to get in discussion about the types of digital marketing that is situated now in the competition. Some of the categories are search engine marketing included with the search engine optimization, pay-per-click, content and email marketing are very common in this vast marketing field. Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts and strategy because through websites it directly connected to the current and prospective customers.

Mainly, three varieties of digital marketing media are concluded, the first one is introduced as

Owned media is apart from which are controlled by an individual as their own website or social media channel. Second one is Paid media, where one can promote their online assets on the purpose of improving traffic regarding that particular content. Last one known as Earned media, where customers usually promote their content by word of mouth by using any social platform.

  • Five main criteria to make a right choice,
  1. Before using a digital marketing service, the preferred way to judge the hired agency to ensure a good result is to check their past track record. If that agency has any bad records beforehand that can leave a bad impact on the business in irrecoverable ways. Before choosing any agency, doing homework is very essential.
  2. By choosing an experienced agency the business will be one step closer to the success. Because company owners cannot rely fully on any newbie in terms of the promotion. To ensure an effective marketing campaign existing experience in the same business industry is needed then only they can help to widen the customer base.
  3. Before hiring one agency it is needed to confirm whether the selected agency can understand the long term goals, requirements and objectives. At this point, the business firm also needs to communicate with them to specify if any doubt gets developed.
  4. Before choosing, every agency needs to be analyzed by their credibility and performance throughout the internet marketing platform.
  5. While hiring a digital marketing agency costing is very much essential. But sometimes price negotiation can be fired back in the long run with return of substandard services. A good effective campaign will help the business to spread among the vast customer and serve the purpose of investment.

Hiring a digital company agency is not a one day task; a lot of factors need to get considered before finalizing. To find the right digital marketing partner some of the strategies to be followed which can help the business to grow.

  1. i) First and the foremost to understand the need of the particular business is very much important.
  2. ii) Agency needs to be transparent to the business owner.

iii) Requirement of the clients and the technical side of the chosen agency needs to be measured first.

With the help of agencies in big companies diversity of the business is possible to be maintained which is the worth of the investment to hire. A good marketing agency will give a height to the company with an impactful turn over.

Why You Should Not Ignore Google Reviews for the Greater Good of your Business?


Google review has always been a great source of gaining a strong foothold in the niche market. Google review is the new ‘Word of Mouth’ online. Now people no longer wait to seek advice before purchasing anything from any company. They simply go ahead and search on Google. Thus Google business reviews play an important role to give online users take informed decisions.


Google business reviews give a boost to business credibility. It’s a completely free medium for businesses to establish a bright image for their potential customers. With many advantages, including the chance of higher organic rank for local SEO, increase in website traffic and help the business build a position in the online search that can even be more powerful than paid search on Google.


The ease of using Google is that people with a Gmail account can directly put their thoughts under the name of the business listing and rate the company with pictures. Any online searcher looking for the company overview can easily know a lot of things without even visiting the website and they can take an informed decision.


Increase brand trustworthiness


Today it’s not uncommon for consumers to research online before purchasing something. Reviews give them a wide scope to learn a lot about the company and how they provide their service. A large part of the review is searched on Google, which is more convenient and generate trust. Studies say that positive Google reviews increase a staggering amount of purchase rate. So the business with more positive reviews has more chance to grab more customer trust.


Increase conversion:


To hammer home the strength of  Google review has, there are many studies showing that reviews can increase conversion rate. When your customers find well-balanced reviews backed by professional responses from the company’s side, they tend to visit the website to take desired online actions. The major benefit of using a Google review is that it can also increase the conversion rate. However, having a customer-friendly and responsive design is also important for the conversion.


increase google conversion


Positive reviews for better organic ranking:


Google’s algorithm is ever changing and complex. Google algorithm counts on a wide range of factors to decide the ranking equation. Google review is one of the most imperative ranking factors. Google mainly considers three ranking determining signals, such as local search relevancy, review quality and velocity. When all these factors are present in your review section, Google thinks your business is worth ranking for. A business scoring top with positive reviews can push further to rank on top with the organic search.


A survey of your business:


Each and every Google review comes with a fact about your company. So when your customers give reviews about your business, you get a scope to read and learn about their experience.  A review tells you things like –


  • If you or your staff has served your customers right or not.
  • What special things that your customers liked about your product or service.
  • How you can improve your service.

Scopes for improvement:


As stated above, reviews give you a great scope of improving your service and let you take a look at where you’re leaving the fine cracks. It’s no surprise that you will get negative reviews also. Mixed reviews allow you to gain a diverse angle of how your customers are feeling about your service. By reading negative reviews you can quickly check on the areas you can improve. When you hire professional digital marketers like Designz Cloud, you can rest assured to get guided about online reputation management. The major advantage of using a professional service is that you never miss out on a potential spot on review on any platform, be it’s Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any other social channel. Additionally, they can also look into the process of responding to customers with relevant information to keep in touch with the customers.


google reviews


Need Google reviews?


Are you looking forward to get good Google reviews for your business? Well, before you jump into getting good reviews online, you need to have your business listed on Google My Business. When you work with the professional digital marketers like Designz Cloud, you can rest assured as the experts will work on your account creation, content maintenance and review management. Professionals know how to use the tried and tested method to generate original positive reviews for the greater good of your business.


Wrapping up:


Genuine Google reviews can be incredibly beneficial for your business. If you’re not using this feature, you’re missing out on a chunk of potential business aspects. With very little time and effort, Google reviews can be a game-changer.


Consider having a professional approach to generate Google reviews to improve your brand trustworthiness, business management, local SEO rank and much more.


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How your Small Business Can Rank High on Google?

Ranking on the top of Google is every business’s dream. Now, everyone knows how being on the first page of Google brings change in their business prospect. And when you own a small business you know the difficulties of making your ways through and gain the top spot while withstanding the competition. Knowing the right process of online marketing makes it easier. But if you’ve not yet started, this is the right time you do.

Online marketing is offering more opportunities than ever before to small local businesses.

Internet marketing is an umbrella term that comprises of different methods designed to help brands reach to its desired online goal. And the methods are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), and Pay-per Click (PPC). Usually, you can divide the process of online marketing into two broad categories- Organic and paid campaigns.


This blog is especially dedicated to small businesses striving to make their brand name appear on the top of Google’s search result.


How do we help small businesses to rank on the first page of Google?


Getting rank on top of Google has never been easy. The road is full of challenges and time-taking. You may not be able to see any changes for some months after you start. However, when you go right, you know it’s worth every effort you put.

When it comes to small business, it’s more often deemed as ‘local business’, it needs to have good name in the market. And local SEO can be a game changer.


Local SEO

Local SEO is all about marketing the brand in and for the local market that the business wants to target. The process of local SEO is designed to make the business visible to the people who live in the targeted areas and looking for the services.

Local SEO boosts results with location-based-targeting. This means your business is visible in the areas you want to target and get conversions from. For an instance, if your accounting firm is located in Queensland and you’re targeting area is Hervey Bay; people looking for accountants in Hervey Bay will come across your business name on Google.

Similarly, there are more ways than local SEO for your small business to get it ranked on top of Google’s search result.


Google Listing


Well, this is an amazing offer by Google, enabling small businesses to mark themselves in Google map. It’s an extremely effective and also the quickest way to get yourself found by your targeted people from the targeted location.

For this, you need to open a business account with Google that will have the business details including, business hours, locations, website link, customer reviews, services, product categories, address, and images. So when you have the account, you’re listed with Google. And when someone searches for services and products that you offer in your area, your business name appears with all this information.


Organic SEO


Now, organic SEO is different from that of local SEO. The former SEO process is designed to target users based on location while organic SEO is to cater to the people using generic key terms used for optimization. Organic SEO is important for irrespective of brands, small or large.

There are numbers of procedures set by Google in terms to achieve long lasting result- top ranks for a longer time.  Here are some basic SEO strategies to be followed-


Targeting website content


Content plays the main role in this marketing game. When you want to target the local market, make sure to use content that addresses the local people. The content must have mention of the areas with the service like Asbestos Removal in Sunshine Coast in the website, Meta description, headlines and in Google map listing so that you have better chance to get ranked on top of the result. Using this location-specific-keyword in the content improves first page ranking potentiality and shows up your business name when users in the mentioned area search for the same service.


Now, if you want to keep your business name for a long time on the search result, use location specific keywords for blogging for local customers which they will find beneficial. A blog is an extremely great way to achieve results on Google as they provide steady and fresh information about the service.


Site Responsiveness

Google’s only intention is to provide the best user experience to its users. Site responsiveness is one of the important parameters. A responsive website allows users to browse the site from any device without the stress of pinching in and out for adjusting. However, having a responsive website doesn’t mean you will rank high automatically- it’s just the basic approach of showing Google that you abide by the rules of giving your users better user experience.


Page Loading Speed


This is another important thing which can make or break your user base. If your site takes more than 2 seconds to load, it will drive away your online users, resulting in your site with poor traffic counts and negative user experience. In today’s fast world, everyone wants the result in seconds. Do not make your users wait for more than 2 seconds. As you update the site with codes and content, you need to check page speed because it’s one of the important metrics that Google consider for high ranking.


Web design


To make sure the visitors feel welcomed and they have a good impression, you need to consider your web design. Your website design should be updated with great navigational features. While the design must be aesthetically pleasing, it should not confuse visitors. The colours and style represent a brand image. The use of colours should meaningfully connect with the brand’s appearance.


Now, design or visual appearance is not everything. If the design is not functional, it makes no sense. Hence, frontend development comes into play to connect each design aspect with each other and make the website functional.


Social Media Optimization


Well, the lines between social media optimization and search engine optimization has been blurred over the period. Previously, they both were looked as different aspects of digital marketing. Now it’s seen that businesses without proper social media management strategy have poor SEO performance. Social media optimization helps you connect with your audience and strengthen your brand presence.


While one viral Facebook post won’t magically bring change in your SEO process, SEO and SMO together form a strong marketing compound that every brand should have in their marketing strategy. Most often not having proper social media optimization strategy blocks the growth and make the branding effort stagnant. A productive social strategy must contain:


  • Solutions of meeting social challenges
  • Creating a content strategy
  • Business opportunities
  • Process of engaging the audience
  • Tracking of marketing effort

Doing social media in the right way can drastically change the way you approach your audience. Using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram can put you amidst your potential customers.




Who doesn’t want to see their brand name on top of search result? If you want the same you need to consider Pay-per-click service. While SEO takes time to show result, using Pay-per-click serve you faster while building your chance to rank better organically.

The best part of PPC is that you can increase your chance to be on top of the search result with spending some amount of dimes per day, based on your industry, keyword and location that you target.

PPC works as how bidding works. You choose keywords that you want to rank with and bid on against your competitors who also want to rank with the same keyword. When your PPC optimization beats away your competitors you earn the top spot.

But, don’t forget the landing page. Your landing page decides the quality of your paid result. When a user clicks on the link they are directed to the landing page. The landing page should have information about the particular service and product you’re promoting. The link should also encourage the user to take further desired action to make the buying cycle complete.


Does your small business need help to get rank on Google?


If you want to gain top score for your small business on a search result, paid or organic, we can help. Since we’ve been working with many clients like you for years, we know what will work for your type of business.


With effective SEO and PPC plan you can increase the closing rate and grow your business. We can also help you with the website development and design. To know more about our comprehensive web services, please feel free to contact us at-