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Digital Marketing

The world is going digital.  If your business is yet to take advantage of it, you’re losing on the big profit margin. To get a grasp over the benefits of online digital marketing, you need to re-evaluate your marketing strategy. As a preferred digital marketing agency in Australia, Singapore, Ireland, UK and Hong Kong, Designz Cloud offers winning marketing strategy for business- big or small.

Watch your Business Grow with our Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is an umbrella term which is designed to help businesses make a profit from their online existence or promotion to be precise. With our winning strategy, you can assess your competitors, your own online market, set a targeted audience, monitor their behaviour towards your brand and make changes in your performance. We’re a full service digital marketing agency based in Australia, India, Singapore, with the passion to drive more leads and sales to our clients’ sales funnel.


Search Engine Optimization is one of the ideal organic ways of digital marketing. With the use of keywords, authentic links and content strategy that complements branding effort, we drive your customers to you. Giving users the easiest way and to find the service and product they are looking for online is what search engines like- and so we work accordingly. Our SEO process, not only makes your brand visible but also help your generate quality leads.

Here’s how our SEO works:

  • Boost your online visibility with a higher rank (mostly on the first page).
  • Generate genuine traffic from your specific location.
  • Engage the targeted audience.
  • Boost link authority.
  • Increase webpage traffic retention.
  • Generate leads and conversion.
  • Grow your business.


Digital marketing is incomplete without putting Social Media Optimization by the side. They both are an inseparable part of any marketing strategy. When we work for any client, we tell that SEO is just the half way to get to where your business should be.  Placing your business right on social media platforms enables you to reach out to more potential customers, connect with them in real time, set bigger demography for more lead sources, customize marketing attributes with ever changing demands.

Here is how we work being a top SMO company in Australia:

  • Facebook: With more than 3 Billion users, Facebook tops the list on social media platforms. So when we set your business ad campaigns on Facebook, we micro-target your page with a specific age, gender and location, so that the business generates more than likes and impressions- but real conversions.
  • Instagram: With more than 8 Million business profiles, Instagram generates great conversion with constant images and videos. Rich with the attractive business generating components, we can boost brands to attract the user to turn them into loyal customers.
  • Twitter: Twitter, being a micro-blogging platform with a restricted content character for posting, can make content go viral. We use your business content in a way that can engage people and make your brand acceptable by many.
  • YouTube: YouTube being the second largest search engine platforms, it allows a brand to connect with its global people. We can help you create thoughtful video content for YouTube promotion and manage an ad campaign for higher traffic growth and conversion.

Google Advertisement:

This gives our digital marketing strategy an extra boost. When a business wants to see faster result along with its organic marketing efforts, our Google AdWords comes into play.  When we set the Adword campaign right, your business ad pops-up on top whenever your targeted audience search with the keywords your website has. They click on your business landing page, browse the services or products and make desired online actions.

How our Google advertisement works:

  • Google Adwords: In this process, we set your ad campaigns in a way that makes your website link potential to approach on the first ad series whenever the user search with your business keywords.
  • Display Network: If you don’t intervene your user’s browsing experience by popping up in front of them, our display ad strategy can secure the attention of your customers and get the work done without restricting their browsing journey.
  • Google Shopping: Google has shopping shelves ready for businesses who like to show off their stock. We can help you enlist your product for the customers who are looking for the same.
  • Google Remarketing: Customers can like your product, add them to the cart, but they can drop off on the final stage. For indecisive customers, we can send them a personalized message to complete the purchase cycle.

Are you Looking for a Reliable Digital Marketing Agency?

If you need a digital marketing agency in Australia, Singapore, Ireland, UK and Hong Kong, we’re here to help you. Our online marketers are always up for any digital challenges and supporting clients to generate their desired online conversion.  To know more please feel free to connect us at- 0390157715.