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Graphic Design

The significance of branding often depends on the presentation. When it comes to online branding, creative branding is crucial to grab the eyes for persuasion. Graphic designing is the key to creative branding to reach out to your targeted audience and engage them to increase closing ration.

An image equals to a thousand words. Graphic designing for your business can be challenging – it needs to convey the brand message while being meaningful to the prospective clients. Designz Cloud is a professional graphic design company, offering high quality, unique design service across Australia, Singapore, Ireland, UK and Hong Kong.

We Make Branding with Graphic Designing Easy

Designz Cloud offers a wide range of graphic designing services to businesses across the globe. We offer everything creative from single layer design to some series of designs for sale campaigns. Whether you need us to design from scratch to redesign the existing, we can do it with ease.

Our agency is full of creative-minds who are constantly pushing the cookie-cutter strategy of branding to come out of something unique every time they deal with different brands.

With such dense of competition in the market, your brand should be easily identifiable. And what could be more effective than luring graphic designs? We believe that a picture can covey in the quickest way like no other aspect in a website.

The Design Process:

If you simply have no idea how graphic designers work, we can help. Below is the process that we follow for most projects:

Detailed Project Assessing:

We focus on gathering as much information as possible about the business- how it operates, the range of its services and products, targeted audiences, the aim of the business and more to come out of the suitable design plan. We set questionnaire to make the assessment process easier for both of us.

Idea generation and research:

As a professional web design company in Australia, Singapore, Ireland, UK and Hong Kong, we use the latest design tools to work on the requirements once the project assessment is done. We start from rough designs that are often fine tuned in future to create the final product.

Concept presentation:

Once the designs are set, it’s time to put them in the right frames. We focus on every required field that our clients give more priorities. From logo, fonts, to size, we make sure everything is in line.

Client approval:

We strive to keep our clients in every loop of the development process so that they have a clear idea of the process. We send our work for revision to ensure we’re going right.

Final changes:

We’re always ready to make changes on the final hour. We sigh off only when our client is 100% happy. We work on the changes to make designs apt for them.


When everything is all set and done, we’re ready to shoot it online. And that’s not the end. Then comes…

Ongoing update:

The design too needs a regular update. If you want to keep up with the audience’s demand, you need to consider a timely update. We do it for you to keep you ahead of digital growth.

Our graphic design services are:

Logo Design:

For a business, online or offline, to strike a lasting impression, needs a logo. Logo sets a powerful branding image. We can create a unique logo that conveys the meaning of your brand existence. Our designed logo introduces the brand in the most compelling way in the market.

Business Card:

A well-crafted business card sets a standard of its own. Designz Cloud can offer you a wide range of design concepts that you can choose from for your business card. Keeping individual business aspects in mind, we craft a design that speaks for you.


Branding is a consistent way of having a strong foothold in the market. For that creative representation in different channels is important. Our graphic designing service is designed for your dynamic branding needs.

Brochure and card designs:

Not just for the virtual world, we can keep your business tangible in the form of creative brochure and leaflets that you can circulate to create more increased visibility in and around your market.

Social media graphics:

Social media is unavoidable. It’s one of the most powerful platforms for companies like you. People can love you and hate you in no time. It all takes creative representation to make your brand wanted more by your targeted audience. Our designers can make boring service be loved and unknown products are found easily by their unique graphic designing concepts.

Why Choose our Graphic Designing Service?

Designing, of any form, graphic or web, requires the sense of creativity. As a renowned web and graphic design company in Australia, we take pride of that. When it comes to designing for a business we don’t follow what’s going on in the market, but what can make you stand out of all of them. To know more about our graphic designing services, please feel free to contact us.