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Web Designing

First impression matters. Website design is the very first thing that online visitors notice. If you don’t impress them at their first visit, you lose them forever.  However, there are sites that have engaging visual content and yet the websites fail to convert the visitors. Why? Because the websites may look beautiful, but it fails to help the users navigate to their desired pages. This means when it’s hard for visitors to find what they’re looking for, they bounce back. As a leading web design company in Australia, Singapore, Ireland, UK and Hong Kong, we make easy navigating and attractive functional web designs.

The Design Process Includes

In-depth look:

Website designing is not only a job to us, but we’re also passionate about it. We invest our time to understand our client’s business before we even draw a single line in our mind. We can offer customized design when we take an in-depth look at the business.

Ideas for branding:

It would be of no meaning if the design doesn’t go with the brand image. From the initial phase, we focus on conversion-worthy designs that match with the brand image. Meaningful designs not only attract more online visitors but also offer a worthy online experience.

The coding part:

Once the design is set, our front-end developers start working on the functional parts that make the design work for the business. The codes are search-engine friendly, helping the site be more visible on the search result.

The delivery:

When the design is meaningfully crafted and placed for smooth navigation, our developers write clean and speed-optimized codes to make it work. After a series of testing, the design is finally ready for the client’s approval.

Design tailored to your business

We make website engaging, interactive and functional that can convert a casual visitor into a potential customer. We design with the sole intention to improve user experience. Your website design can be a real game changer in establishing your brand identity in your niche market, as a web design company, we know how to do it right. Our work is mainly user-focused. Whether you want a warm welcoming home page or highly converting landing pages, our designers understand how to make it work for your business.

Excelling Web Designs into Areas

Responsive web design:

Responsive website design is all about bringing fluidity in the content. Our front end designers know how to make responsive designs so that it seamlessly fits across device screens. Mobile friendly website is one of the major points search engines consider for ranking. We optimize the design layout in a way that can easily resize the content with a particular device screen, making it more user-friendly and also increase the speed.

UX/UI Design:

There are more things lying beyond a beautiful design. At Designz Cloud, we offer comprehensive User Interface and User Experience design codes to make the design functional. We believe if the design does not work for your business, it makes no sense. We begin with project assessing, wireframing with individual page designing to ensure perfection.

Graphic Designs:

Creativity should be everywhere when you’re into web business. Graphic design is all about creativity. Our in-house designers have hands on designing super interactive business specific designs that are not only beautiful but also meaningful. Whether you want corporate brochure design, infographic or daily social media post, we can have you covered.

Why You Will Like Our Work?

We build interactive design:

An image is worth a thousand words. We create interactive designs, enabling your users to easily communicate and relate to your brand.

User friendly:

If the design fails to navigate your users to take your desired action, it’s of no use. Our user-friendly, responsive design helps your online users to smoothly navigate through your website.

SEO friendly design:

Our front end designers make SEO friendly designs which help your business to rank higher and organically engage online visitors.

How can we help?

We know how much it’s important for your online business to stay ahead of the competitors. Creativity driven content can go a long way. This is where we come into play. Being a reliable web design company, we aim to create a space where every business is given proper digital shape, from unique creative design to conversion-worthy marketing strategy.

We make inspiring creative designs to make your first impression count for your digital success. Shoot us a message or feel free to contact us to know more about our work.