Why You Should Not Ignore Google Reviews for the Greater Good of your Business?

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Jan 17, 2020



Google review has always been a great source of gaining a strong foothold in the niche market. Google review is the new ‘Word of Mouth’ online. Now people no longer wait to seek advice before purchasing anything from any company. They simply go ahead and search on Google. Thus Google business reviews play an important role to give online users take informed decisions.


Google business reviews give a boost to business credibility. It’s a completely free medium for businesses to establish a bright image for their potential customers. With many advantages, including the chance of higher organic rank for local SEO, increase in website traffic and help the business build a position in the online search that can even be more powerful than paid search on Google.


The ease of using Google is that people with a Gmail account can directly put their thoughts under the name of the business listing and rate the company with pictures. Any online searcher looking for the company overview can easily know a lot of things without even visiting the website and they can take an informed decision.


Increase brand trustworthiness


Today it’s not uncommon for consumers to research online before purchasing something. Reviews give them a wide scope to learn a lot about the company and how they provide their service. A large part of the review is searched on Google, which is more convenient and generate trust. Studies say that positive Google reviews increase a staggering amount of purchase rate. So the business with more positive reviews has more chance to grab more customer trust.


Increase conversion:


To hammer home the strength of  Google review has, there are many studies showing that reviews can increase conversion rate. When your customers find well-balanced reviews backed by professional responses from the company’s side, they tend to visit the website to take desired online actions. The major benefit of using a Google review is that it can also increase the conversion rate. However, having a customer-friendly and responsive design is also important for the conversion.


increase google conversion


Positive reviews for better organic ranking:


Google’s algorithm is ever changing and complex. Google algorithm counts on a wide range of factors to decide the ranking equation. Google review is one of the most imperative ranking factors. Google mainly considers three ranking determining signals, such as local search relevancy, review quality and velocity. When all these factors are present in your review section, Google thinks your business is worth ranking for. A business scoring top with positive reviews can push further to rank on top with the organic search.


A survey of your business:


Each and every Google review comes with a fact about your company. So when your customers give reviews about your business, you get a scope to read and learn about their experience.  A review tells you things like –


  • If you or your staff has served your customers right or not.
  • What special things that your customers liked about your product or service.
  • How you can improve your service.

Scopes for improvement:


As stated above, reviews give you a great scope of improving your service and let you take a look at where you’re leaving the fine cracks. It’s no surprise that you will get negative reviews also. Mixed reviews allow you to gain a diverse angle of how your customers are feeling about your service. By reading negative reviews you can quickly check on the areas you can improve. When you hire professional digital marketers like Designz Cloud, you can rest assured to get guided about online reputation management. The major advantage of using a professional service is that you never miss out on a potential spot on review on any platform, be it’s Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any other social channel. Additionally, they can also look into the process of responding to customers with relevant information to keep in touch with the customers.


google reviews


Need Google reviews?


Are you looking forward to get good Google reviews for your business? Well, before you jump into getting good reviews online, you need to have your business listed on Google My Business. When you work with the professional digital marketers like Designz Cloud, you can rest assured as the experts will work on your account creation, content maintenance and review management. Professionals know how to use the tried and tested method to generate original positive reviews for the greater good of your business.


Wrapping up:


Genuine Google reviews can be incredibly beneficial for your business. If you’re not using this feature, you’re missing out on a chunk of potential business aspects. With very little time and effort, Google reviews can be a game-changer.


Consider having a professional approach to generate Google reviews to improve your brand trustworthiness, business management, local SEO rank and much more.


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