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Web Security

Every day, almost hundreds and thousands of dollars are being transacted through websites. But web security has always been under suspicious and fraud activities. If you own a website which is your potential means of generating money, you need to make it secure. Designz Cloud, being your reliable digital partner, offers you a comprehensive web security package so that all your data and online functionalities are secured.

A Well Managed IT Security Service Provider

Operational security is not a norm it’s a business essential to operate business smoothly without the fear of losing data and any important financial information. Designz Cloud takes charge of your web security services in Australia by providing robust and highly-secured authorized solutions.

Ever since the inception, we’re providing below security measures to our clients.


SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer which is cryptographic web security that provides secured communication with the protection from fraud incidents. For e-commerce sites, it’s essential to have SSL compliant codes to keep important data secured for the authorized users.

If a site is secured with SSL certification, it will have a padlock symbol at the left side of the address bar which begins with “Https” and NOT “Http”. It offers-

  • High end security to payment gateways.
  • Complete protection of personal data that the user provides while using the website.
  • Protection from the third party using the information from the site.
  • Complete shield from web frauds.
  • Increased chance of better rank on search engines as organic traffic is usually higher than the one without SSL for users find it secured to rely on.


Captcha is a verification process that asks users to enter pre-determined verification codes to access a particular site. The use of Captcha prevents automated third party form submission that will bloat your site with spam access, junk posting or to the worse it may expose your web privacy.

Our developers have the skill to write captcha codes for your web access. The best part of incorporating captcha codes to your site is that it can regenerate new codes every time a user intends to access the site.

Here are the major benefits of using captcha in your site:

  • Protecting your online registration form from unauthorized automated form fill-up codes.
  • Preventing junk content or comments.
  • Protecting email accounts.
  • Protecting online shopping experience.

Secured coding:

The web world has never been secured. It’s always susceptible to fraud activities. This is why secure coding exists. It’s a safe code writing practice to prevent a website from vulnerabilities. Secure coding gives safeguard the software from hacking. Bugs, flaws in logic and defects are some of the common software issues commonly found in programming. Secure coding maintains a safe standard that reduces the chance of web risks.
Our developers, after assessing the common vulnerable points of the project, define the path of secure coding and implement in every later of software.

Why Choose Us?

We know how much your website means to you. A website can make or break your business anytime, if not protected.
When it comes to your online security, it’s more than your business, but giving your customers a reliable platform to rely on you. Secure your website with us and do business in relax. To know more, feel free to call or shoot us a mail.